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Residential Foundation Systems

We are the residential helical pile experts.

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We have experienced staff to assist with any residential project from new construction to repairs. We offer top of the line products at an exceptional price.  Our multiple manufacturing partners and drop shipping capabilities ensure that no matter where in the world you are, we can quickly ship your helical piles, even custom designs, so your project can begin as soon as possible. Contact us today to get your project started.


New construction projects need strong foundations. Even if you are building on stable ground, it is a vital to reinforce the foundation to prevent sinking. Helical piles are driven deep into the earth for a solid foundation that won’t sink.

When you need added support for your structure’s foundation, choose Patriot Foundation Systems. Our helical pier foundation systems are the strongest and easiest-to-install options available. Our products are designed, tested and proven for applications in expansive soils, high water tables, fill areas and other areas where unstable soils require piering. 


Sinking foundations, cracks in your sheetrock and uneven floors are problems commonly faced by homeowners. If your home or structure is situated on unstable soil, it will shift and settle. When the foundations are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage, a shifting foundation may result in structural damage to your home and a loss of your investment.

Patriot helical piles are proven, reliable and effective when combating a sinking foundation. Our helical piles can often prevent further foundation sinking by transferring a majority of a building’s weight into deeper soil. We also manufacture brackets that are used to stabilize or lift foundations in distress.


Helical piles from Patriot are an effective way to combat sinking basements and get a home back on level ground. When soil swells, it pushes on the basement walls causing moisture to leak in and the foundation to crack. You may even begin noticing mold or mildew that won’t go away. Our helical screw anchors can help prevent basement wall movement by holding the wall when soil swells and places pressure against the wall. This will eliminate the moisture and cracking issues and prevent further damage from occurring.


Helical Tieback Anchors are a pre-engineered tieback system for earth retention. Typical construction applications include sea walls, excavation and retaining walls.

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