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Solar Panel Mounting Foundations

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Solar panels require a strong, durable foundation. In most cases, using helical piles for solar panel foundations and mounting is the best option available. In suitable soils, properly installed helical piles offer substantial benefits and can increase productivity considerably.


Helical piles can be shorter in length, and therefore, cost less in installation time and energy consumption than comparable driven piles or drilled shafts. Additionally, concrete is unnecessary which saves on curing time and allows for immediate loading once the pile is installed. Installation can be completed in inclement weather, such as wet and freezing conditions. By combining all of these factors, your installation rate can increase your production. Helical piles can also be extracted for reuse or reconfiguration.


Helical piles have minimal vibration disturbance and do not require excavation or soil removal. This is advantageous as it reduces the impact on the environment. Another benefit is the elimination of drill cuttings from potentially contaminated soils and the ability to avoid grading and other ground disturbances.

Helical piers are quickly replacing concrete as the standard for solar structural supports. Solar farms are often decommissioned after several decades, and helical anchors and piers are easily removed from the ground with minimal environmental disturbance. 


  • Fast installation

  • Easy removal should the need arise

  • Recyclable to minimize environmental impact

We have experienced engineers partners and staff to assist with any utility project. We offer top of the line products at an exceptional price.  Our multiple manufacturing partners and drop shipping capabilities ensure that no matter where in the world you are, we can quickly ship your helical piles, even custom designs, so your project can begin as soon as possible. Contact us today to get your project started.

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