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Dealership Opportunities

Patriot Foundation Systems (PFS) is on track to being one of the most reliable helical pile, push pins, and tieback suppliers within the market. Our reputation for customer service and viable product lines have continued to yield substantial profits to our installer/contractors with whom we have partnered and established business relationships worldwide.

The Patriot Partners Advantage


Through a combination of design (such as our integral button weld application applied to the sleeve portion of each extension coupler in order to guard against internal “rocking”), a quality assurance program and Patriot’s affordable pricing, we can provide our dealers reliable and profitable helical pile systems. Patriot can produce customized helical designs for your specialized requirements as well.


Rest assured our company provides to its dealers the engineering specifications and sales products required to operate your distributorship effectively and efficiently. From technical data to marketing brochures, Patriot can supply the most up to date information to your door quickly and without difficulty.


PFS will provide its dealers/partners installation training with regard to products in order to ensure proper standards are met regarding force specifications, monitoring and overall helical system application. Patriot can offer this informative and instructive training at one of its warehouse locations. You will soon realize that as a member of the Patriot Foundation Systems team… you will not only have invested in viable helical pile, push pin, and tieback products, but will have ventured into a partnership providing training and support to rapidly increase your business profit margins and growth.

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